Motley Crue wrapped up their exhaustive farewell tour on New Year's Eve of 2015, performing their final show in Los Angeles where it all began. Their iconic imagery was plastered all over tour merch, much to the chagrin of two esteemed rock photographers who were responsible for capturing the band's visages during their debauchery-filled '80s years.

As TMZ reports, both Barry Levine and Neil Zlozower are suing Motley Crue over the use of this imagery on merchandise during the farewell run, claiming the band saw more sales from these items than any tour in the past and did not receive permission to use these classic photos in any capacity.

Crue members have been entrenched in lawsuits and legal battles lately with singer Vince Neil being hit for $75,000 following a post-lunch scuffle with an autograph seeker who had engaged actor Nicolas Cage. Meanwhile, though it has not reached legal stages, Nikki Sixx is busy fighting his own battle, aiming to restructure the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, calling out YouTube in particular over fair artist compensation.

In other news, Crue famously chronicled their final performance, dubbed "Crue Year's Eve" in a pro-shot concert film entitled The End. Splicing pre-show interviews into the show, the movie perfectly captures their high-octane show complete with an unimaginable amount of pyrotechnics. Having already premiered in theaters stateside, The End is now set for select screenings in Europe, South America, Australia and Japan. The special event in these countries will be held on Halloween (Oct. 31) and seats can be reserved here.

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