Cheers to those go-to drinks that never disappoint. From Moscow mules to margaritas, these are Grand Junction's favorite drinks.

It's five o'clock somewhere and it's time to crack a cold one. We asked you on our Facebook what your go-to drink is, and now we've got a whole list of the best thirst quenchers. Here are Grand Junction's favorite drinks and no, not all of them have alcohol in them.

Melanie Scott commented on our Facebook and says her favorite drinks are Angry Balls and margaritas. We had to look up what an Angry Ball is, it's Fireball + Angry Orchard cider mixed together. Azteka says her go-to drink is Fireball.

Katie Mattinson says she likes to go for Moscow Mules and we can't blame her. I started truly appreciating these drinks after I tried one at Peach Street Distillers. Donna's drink is Titos vodka with sugar-free red bull. Alexis Olson goes for the classic rum and coke.

I'm surprised more people didn't say beer since Colorado is the king of craft beer. There are lots and lots of drinks out there though, and I guess I can't say that I drink beer all the time anyway. Other than Titos and Red Bull, Donna likes to drink Coors Light, but it has to be from a bottle. Megan Kemmis says White Claw because 'ain't no law when drinkin' the claw!.' Some more answers include:

  • Mojito
  • Moscato
  • Dr. Pepper
  • V8
  • Unsweetened ice tea with 3 Splendas
  • Water
  • Blue Motorcycle
  • Greyhound
  • Activated weed and water

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