A young moose was recently taken from a parking garage in the Vail area and relocated for both the moose and the people using the parking garage's safety.

The moose, which has been estimated to just be a few years old, had been seen frequenting the parking garage for a while, according to reports.

Wildlife experts have said that they suspect that the reason the young moose had been spending time in the garage was due to the presence of what the town uses to reduce the ice on the roads which is abundant in salt and that the animal was licking the walls because of residue left behind.

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The moose has been described as a young bull that, unlike many stories about moose interacting with people, was rather docile.

However, it has also been widely noted by experts that moose are especially triggered and can get aggressive around dogs and the town of Vail is an especially popular place for tourists and locals alike to bring their furry companions, especially in the summertime.

Wildlife Officer Devin Duval was one of the people that helped to remove the moose from the parking structure and had this to say about the incident:

 Largely, most of these neighborhoods coincide with really optimal moose habitat, notwithstanding the fact there are a lot of pedestrians and human activity. Moose are not fully concerned with that; they usually are unencumbered by the activity here in Vail.

The young moose was successfully relocated from the parking garage and placed in an area near Craig, Colorado.


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