Visiting the Colorado National Monument will cost you more in the New Year.

Starting on January, 1st of next year a trip to our neighboring Monument will cost you more. And guess what, the fees are scheduled to increase again in 2020. The increase for cars and trucks will go up from $15 to $20, then on up to $25 in 2020. A motorcycle ride through the park will cost you $5 more too,  going from $10 to $15, and and then up to $20 the following year.

Camping fees are going up too. Those go from $20 to $22 this year and will remain at that rate in 2020. No question, if you plan to visit several times a year as I do you'll want to invest in an Annual Park Pass. They're going up in price too but not until 2020. At $40 it's the way to go if you're a local that enjoys visiting the place. I go with a National Park Annual pass. It's the best deal if you plan to head to Moab or visit any of the other National Parks next year. At $80 it's by far the best deal. Annual Park cards make great Christmas gifts. Get one by clicking HERE.

If you're wondering why the rate increases? Most go towards funding projects within the park. In years past improvements have been made to the Old Gordon Trail, new railings, and overlooks. 2019 projects include work on the Liberty Cap Trail, upgrading campground restrooms, and replacing fencing around the parking areas.

Save some money by taking advantage of 2019's free days! They are as follows...

January 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
April 20 - First Day of National Park Week
August 25 - National Park Service Birthday
September 28 - National Public Lands Day
November 11 - Veterans Day

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