Last week, Ministry launched a PledgeMusic campaign to coincide with the announcement of the band's 14th album, AmeriKKKant. A classic-sounding teaser video was posted to give fans an idea of what direction the new material will take and now that notion has been magnified as the industrial legends debuted the new song "Antifa" live at Glenn Danzig's Blackest of the Black festival.

Al Jourgensen informed the crowd that Ministry were about to go into a new song, which was met with some hostility from at least one concertgoer, who began hurling things towards the stage. Uncle Al took it in stride, joking, "All right, already with the throwing — we haven't even played this s--t yet! F--k you," while raising a middle finger in jest.

"Antifa" opens with some doom-laden chugging and vocal samples while Jourgensen stalked the stage, thickening the tension. The energy picks up when an old school guitar lick and wah-drenched lead crash in and we get vintage Al, who delivers the lines, "I've got something to say to you / I'm backing it up with my fist / Sick and tired of dealing with a--holes / That's why I resist!"

Details surrounding the release of AmeriKKKant are still sparse as of this time, with the track listing, artwork and release date yet to be revealed, though a fall release is currently being targeted. Fans can pre-order the album and explore a wealth of unique opportunities through Ministry's PledgeMusic campaign.

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