As I am writing this I am wondering why I am writing this... Oh yea, because every time I write about Miley Cyrus' boobs everybody, their mom, grandma, and dog comes here to look at them. 

I am not sure why, because at this time I truly believe that Miley's boobs may have been seen by more people on this planet than the Mona Lisa. Although I must say, for as annoying as it is to still be talking about her, and as nasty as she seems to be, Billy Ray's genes produced a nice rack!

Enough jabbering, go take a look already! Of course my bosses won't let me have boobs on this site, so if you really want to see them you have to click the button below. Oh, and if you didn't already know, by clicking that button you are going to see boobs... They may be unsafe for work and also may offend someone. You've been warned!