Despite the fact that Colorado is considered a pioneer in the legal marijuana industry, laws that the state has in place regarding edibles that contain THC will prohibit the sales of a new, odd product being pushed by boxing legend Mike Tyson.

What Are Mike Bites, the Gummy that Colorado Can't Sell?

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is getting involved in the booming marijuana industry and has created a company to capitalize on legal THC products called 'Tyson 2.0'

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In addition to his boxing skills, signature lisp, and unmistakable face tattoo, Mike Tyson is also very well-known for something you would think he'd rather forget about - the incident in which he bit a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear off during a boxing match in Las Vegas. However, his latest creation appropriately named 'Mike Bites,' is seeking to capitalize on just that.

'Mike Bites' are a THC-infused gummy candy that are brown in color and shaped like an ear; a not-so-subtle reference to his infamous match with Holyfield.

However, despite Colorado being sort of a mecca when it comes to legalized marijuana, the Centennial State will not be selling these assumedly tasty gummies any time soon.

Why Won't 'Mike Bites' Be Available in Colorado?

Tyson's uncomfortable creation promises to be a hot seller in certain states that have legal marijuana edibles, but they are actually prohibited by law to be sold in Colorado. The reason for this is due to a Colorado state law that was passed back in 2016 that was created in order to discourage children from finding THC-infused edibles attractive.

The Colorado law prohibits marijuana edibles from being shaped like humans, animals, or fruit, which definitely describes 'Mike Bites' to a tee. However, it does appear that Tyson's company will be able to carry a different variation of the edible that will be shaped like a 'T.'

Tyson's company expects 'Mike Bites' to hit shelves as soon as the end of this summer.


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