This is one of those stories that proves that rednecks can live anywhere.

A guy in Michigan who owns and operates a tree-trimming service has pissed off his neighbors in the town of Livonia, MI because of his front yard "decorations".  While some may put out an American flag or a hanging plant, this redneck hung a Confederate flag on his fence with the words "It ain't coming down" on it, as well as two nooses from a tree in the front yard.  But no worries, he has an explanation.

His friend explained the obvious confusion. The nooses were a tribute to a friend who died by hanging himself. And the Confederate flag? His family is from the south and they just think it looks nice.

See? Perfect explanation!

Police say that no arrests will be made since no crime is being committed, but they will attempt to mediate between the homeowner and the pissed-off neighbors.