Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on another planet (and if so, welcome!), you’ve heard about the absolutely completely and totally insane letter written by Rebecca Martinson, crazed Delta Gamma sister at the University of Maryland. Thanks to Martinson, we’ve incorporated the phrase “c*** punt" into our vernacular. Yes, really.

Unlike the sorority sisters Martinson accused of being “so f***ing BORING”, her email is anything but. It is a tour de force of emails, destined for enshrinement in the insane, profane and racist email hall of fame.

But now we’ve gone next level. Thanks to the hilarious and gloriously twisted minds over at Funny or Die, we have the brilliant and psychotically mesmerizing Michael Shannon reading the letter. Out loud. Verbatim. Every word. Every profanity. Every nuance. Perfectly rendered and executed.

It’s four minutes and eleven seconds of magic. This is basically why the internet was invented.