This London born singer/songwriter got her start on YouTube, and performs under the stage name "Maria Antonia Teixeira Rosa" in both English and Portuguese.

During her 2006 Christmas break from college, Mia opened a YouTube account, under the name “miaarose. ” She began posting daily cover videos, singing the songs of her favorite artists. It only took two weeks for her to get noticed; she became an overnight YouTube star, and began receiving offers from major labels.

Mia had already been featured in the Daily Telegraph and Rolling Stone magazine when she signed with Mariah Carey's manager, Tommy Mottola. She worked with several talented names in the production world, but eventually decided to return to London and continue her D.I.Y. music career, to maintain creative control.

It worked; Mia's YouTube account is the #1 subscription account in the UK, and in the top ten, worldwide. Her videos typically get up to 1million views per month. Here's why:

Check out her website for more information, and to subscribe. In the meantime, here are some more pics. I mean, did we mention she's also a babe?