Metallica may be shooting for a 2014 album release, but there's plenty to keep fans occupied in the interim. Adding to their wealth of 2013 projects (3D film, Orion Music + More festival, etc), there's now a new book en route. 'Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History' from author Martin Popoff is due out this fall via Voyageur Press.

The hardcover book promises to explore the band's entire past through their most recent album, 'Lulu,' and it comes with over 300 images paired with the stories told by the band and their peers.

According to the book description, Popoff and his team of metal writers will analyze each of the group's studio albums, right up through 2011's 'Lulu' collaboration with Lou Reed, and dig into their history, dating back to the early days woodshedding in Los Angeles clubs. The book will also detail the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton, and chronicle the band's lineup changes.

Voyageur Press lists the release date of the book as Oct. 15 and the retail price as $35. is accepting pre-orders for the book at the price of $23, although the online retailer lists the release date as Nov. 15.