Get your Jens-faces ready and summon your invisible orbs — Meshuggah have just unleashed a visual labyrinth for “Clockworks.”

You likely won’t find a more hypnotic video released in 2016 than “Clockworks.” Like some sort of unending Death Star / Matrix puzzle, Meshuggah’s new clip is cold and calculated, just like the song it’s set to.

By the end of “Clockworks,” you’ll have absolutely no perception of space, as the digital graphics continually pan out to — after what seems like an eternity — reveal the faces of each Meshuggah member. This masterful test of awareness is accompanied by thunderous flashes of light which keep in perfect time with our Swedish extreme metal heroes.

Videos like this force fans to appreciate the complexity of Meshuggah’s songwriting, which drummer Tomas Haake explained to us in a recent interview. “We never jam as a band. We never go to the rehearsal space and mess around; we haven’t done that in 15 years, at least … A lot of times you have a 4/4 beat going, but then you kind of do odd cycles that travel over the bar line. So with that kind of music, it’s really hard for your mind to take those things to their length because it’s not necessarily something that’s natural. You kind of need to take it to the computer.”

Grab your copy of Meshuggah's The Violent Sleep of Reason at Amazon or digitally through iTunes and catch the Swedes on the road starting Oct. 10 (dates here) with support coming from High on Fire.

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