The Mesa County Sheriff's Office now updates daily reports from its officers, as well as the complete list of those booked into the Mesa County Jail, automatically to the agency's official web page.

Now, via the miracle of the technology of the internet, when you get busted and booked into the Mesa County Jail, everybody will know about it instantly!

In the past, you had to wait until such information was pushed through the web page manually. This would be problematic on holidays and weekends when personnel was light, and officers were already stretched thin.

This is kind of like an "online scanner" for those who thrive on monitoring Sheriff's activities. If you're an individual who lives with a police scanner next to your head 24 hours a day, you now have an online alternative. This web page operates in real time, giving you instant information as to Sheriff's activities.

For all the worried parents out there, you no longer have to pace the floor all night wondering what mischief little Billy has gotten himself into. When he gets popped by the man, you'll know about it instantly via the comfort and convenience of your own home.

For those who don't dig having their name and mug shot posted for all to see, keep in mind, this is all done in accordance with Colorado's Open Records Act.