Staying healthy in the winter is a challenge, to be sure.

It seems as though no matter what you do you get sick in the winter, so we asked the folks from Mesa County Public Health, Andy Tyler and Katie Nelson about ways we can be proactive to stay healthy this and every winter.

One of the ways they discuss is washing your hands regularly to avoid keeping germs sitting on your hands. Keeping your hands clean and free of germs will help stop the spread of colds, as will the use of hand sanitizers.

Another suggestion is to cough into the crook of your arm where it bends at the elbow. A much better place for your cough or sneeze than say someone's face or just coughing or sneezing into the air.

The difference between a cold and the flu is the presence of a fever. Colds don't usually have a fever associated with it, where the flu does. Also, colds seem to come on slower than flu, which is usually pretty quick to present itself.

Take the suggestions to heart this year and reduce the number of colds you and those you love usually get.

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