The flu is running rampant across the nation, but statistically, Mesa County doesn't have it so bad compared to the rest of the state. In fact, it's been reported that Mesa County has the lowest number of flu cases in the state.

The Center for Disease Control has reported 45 of the nation's 50 states are battling the flu, but this year's outbreaks are a bit unusual compared to normal flu patterns. While Mesa County is following the usual trend of seeing Influenza A hit in the wintertime, Denver and a good amount of the country are seeing predominately cases of Influenza B, which normally doesn't hit until springtime. 

Perhaps because both types of flu are spreading across the United States, it's been reported that cases of the flu are at an all-time high in the country this year, with the CDC reporting around 6.4 million cases.

Despite this, Mesa County has not necessarily had it easy as far as illnesses go this fall and winter. Of course, we were hit with the norovirus, which ended up closing an entire school district, making national news. Plus, I've heard from numerous people (including myself) that have said that they contracted the virus twice.

However, if you were smart enough to have gotten a flu shot this year, you're most likely in the clear. Case in point: when my mom was visiting for the holidays my sister and I both fell victim of the flu, but my mom got a flu shot and avoided the illness despite staying in the same house with us. The flu shot is said to prevent both types of flu.

While Mesa County is reporting low numbers of the flu, a thought occurred to me, how many people are actually going to the doctor after contracting it? Could the low numbers be a result of Mesa County residents just toughing it out as I did? We may never know.

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