Megadeth are fourteen studio albums into their career and showing that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. As the band approaches the release of their 'Super Collider' album, they've just debuted another song off the disc called 'The Blackest Crow' which has some instrumentation not usually heard in the band's music.

The song begins with a bluegrass-tinged opening that will definitely raise a few eyebrows, but it's not long before the track rocks out in the matter that fans have become accustomed to from Megadeth.

Frontman Dave Mustaine tells Rolling Stone that the track was inspired by his mother-in-law's struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, adding, "[It was] altered to be more about a tragic loss and the depression that follows."

With the country tinged flare, Mustaine sought out a special guest for the song. He initially reached out to Willie Nelson but their schedules did not line up. He also sent the song to country superstar Miranda Lambert, who declined, but sent along a message through her manager stating that she didn't feel she could make the song any better. "I was flattered," said Mustaine of Lambert's response.

Check out 'The Blackest Crow' from Megadeth, currently streaming at In addition, Megadeth have also unleashed the guitar-heavy tune 'Built for War' at The new album, 'Super Collider,' drops Tuesday, June 4.