’Tis the season for studios to release holiday-themed videos and e-cards featuring some of your favorite movie characters, and so far we’ve seen animated holiday greeting videos for ‘The Babadook,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ and even SpongeBob SquarePants. But this new holiday video from Marvel takes things to a whole other level: It’s a stop-motion short featuring the villainous Thanos, who disguises himself as Santa for his latest evil plan ... and then it sort of backfires.

Marvel Entertainment released the video above, in which superhero action figures are used to tell the story of how Thanos knocks Santa Claus out and steals his costume so he can break into Black Bolt’s castle and rob the Inhumans of their powerful crystals. The only problem is that the Marvel superheroes (including Spider-Man!) think he’s the real deal, and they take turns sitting on his knee to ask for Christmas presents. Hawkeye just has a whole list of different kinds of arrows he wants, and Thor wants Loki to receive a gift even though he’s been pretty naughty.

This might also be the only place you’ll see Spider-Man featured alongside the other Marvel heroes, as it was recently revealed that talks between Sony and Marvel about a potential Spider-Man crossover in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ fell through. Is Spider-Man’s appearance in this video a sly knock on Sony? Maybe!

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