Injuries are an unfortunate part of being on the road. Throughout the decades we've seen a slew of rockers take nasty spills, accidentally get nailed in the face by a guitar, become electrocuted... David Lee Roth even cut himself in the head with a sword back in the day. Last night (Sept. 29) in Pittsburgh, Penn., Marilyn Manson injured himself while performing "The Beautiful People" toward the end of the set.

As seen in the video above, the industrial shock rocker dipped offstage to get closer to the crowd up front, but when he went to return to the stage, it was apparent something was wrong. He delicately climbed back up, springing into action after being handed a microphone from a roadie, making his way to stage left behind a stack of gear. Manson's band cut "the Beautiful People" short and the frontman then declared (2:48 into video), "I just broke my ankle, but it's okay because [opening act] Alice Glass is going to fill in for me. Come on, you can do it. I told you I'd break my ankle because the tour manager is a fascist."

Fortunately for Manson, this was the last song of the standard set and the band later reclaimed the stage for the encore which consisted solely of the Mechanical Animals cut "Coma White" per The night also included four Heaven Upside Down tracks, "KILL4ME," "Revelation #12," "Say10" and "We Know Where You F--king Live." The new album will be unleashed on Oct. 6 and pre-orders are available here.

The Pittsburgh show was the just the second night of Marilyn Manson's month-long fall tour which wraps up on Oct. 28 in Las Vegas. For a list of all upcoming stops, head to this location.

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