It seems like I am featuring a map in one of my blogs at least once a week, and it's simply because I love them. I also love football. That means this map that shows the most hated NFL team in each state may be my favorite map ever! 

I'll give you two guesses who we hate the most in Colorado. I am actually surprised that more of the country isn't colored black, because the Raiders are just easy to hate. Missouri and Arkansas hate the Broncos... Missouri has the Chiefs, and we own them, so that makes a little sense, but what did we ever do to Arkansas?!

You can check out the entire map here. 

It looks to me like this means the most hated team in America is the San Francisco 49ers. The least hated team, while that could be the Cardinals, Vikings, Bills, Chiefs, or Redskins among others... That, or nobody cares about those teams because they suck.