Grand Junction criminals really need to rethink their plans, or enroll in a "How to Break the Law" course.

This week, we've seen our fair share of offbeat crimes in the Grand Valley; people are stealing monkeys, robbing gas stations with a staple gun and now, a Grand Junction man holds up a Grand Junction police office with toy gun. Did we mention the cop was in uniform?

After midnight (November 1) a Grand Junction police officer was walking down Main St near the breezeway when 29-year-old Patricio Preciado of Grand Junction stuck what the officer thought was a gun in his face and demanded "Give me all your money!"

Because the cop thought Preciado was holding a real gun, he drew his. It's at this point, Precaido smiled, held up his gun and said it was a toy and he was only kidding.

Kidding or not, the officer took the gun from Preciado and called for additional officers. Preciado also told the officer that he didn't know he was a cop -- the officer was in full uniform. Imagine the conversation:

"You're a real cop?" / "I'm in uniform..." / "I thought it was your costume…" / "Well sir, these cuffs aren't fake."

Needless to say, Preciado went to jail and can be charged with attempted robbery and felony menacing.

Preciado is one lucky son of a toy gun! The officer is well trained and part of the SWAT team, and his calm head saved Preciado's life. We all know, when a police officer's (or anyone's for that matter) life is in jeopardy, he has full right to shoot.

Happy Halloween Patricio Preciado, your new costume is black and white striped.

[The GJPD Patrol]