One man started a petition to make Moab, Utah a part of Colorado. Should we "save" Moab from the Utah way of life?

Juan Wilder started a petition on, looking to "annex" Moab into western Colorado. The petition has received over 250 signatures of the 500 Wilder is looking to get.

According to Wilder, he says this is something that's been "whispered" about for years. Now, he's doing something to bring it into the light.

Wilder writes on his page:

The movement is alive. And it’s no real surprise, either. Life under the Utahan state regime is strange. The ruling political party over there bends its agendas to the whim and whimsy of the Mormon Church; alcohol sales are heavily restricted, marijuana possession can land you in jail; in some cities there are laws against throwing snowballs, in others there are laws forbidding women from swearing, and throughout the state, married men can legally be held responsible for crimes their wives commit.

Think about it, Moab is a laidback, chill place. Mountain bikers and Jeep enthusiasts flock to the small desert town to enjoy miles and miles of trails. The town definitely has more of a Colorado vibe than a Utah vibe.

If Moab were to become part of Colorado, you could actually go and enjoy some real adult beverages. You won't go to jail if you have a bit of green on you. And, well, it really is part of western Colorado (or is western Colorado part of Utah?)

Regardless, the "annex Moab" movement is real and underway. So sign the petition and make Utah's coolest little town part of the Union's coolest state.

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