This guy was looking for a license to do more than just drive.

Edward Alvin, 34, was arrested last week in Palm Beach, Florida after he was caught pleasuring himself at one of the most sensual, seductive and erotic places in the world -- the DMV.

An off-duty officer first told Alvin, to zip up and stop. When he ignored the order he was placed under arrest (and, boy, do we feel bad for the guy who had to place his hands in the cuffs).

All of this begs the question why was Alvin in the DMV in the first place? Our guess? He was getting “PERVERT” vanity plates.

Alvin is quickly cornering the market on absurd crimes. Back in July, he was arrested for stealing his boss’ car and crashing it while drunk.

Clearly, Alvin has a penchant for trouble when cars are involved, so we suggest he takes the bus from now on.