When Mike got the call that his dog Bandit has been found, at first he thought it was a prank. He lost the shih tzu five years ago when it escaped through a hole in his fence and was then grabbed by an unknown man in a car.

When the Indiana man realized the folks from the pet rescue service Re-Tails were for real he rushed down to the shelter, which was about two towns over from were he lost Bandit.

Ten minutes later, the now-ten-year old pooch was in Mike's arms.

What Mike didn't know at the time was how close this reunion was to never happening. Bandit had been picked up in November as stray and had been staying at the New Castle Animal Shelter. The dog was scheduled to be put down when the shelter gave him to Re-Tails so they could take one final shot at finding his owner.

Re-Tails scanned the dog for a chip, even though that's something the shelter had already done as part of their procedure. For whatever reason the scan worked this time, and Mike's information came up.

Given the season, it all seems like a Christmas miracle for Mike and Bandit. It's also yet another reason why you should get your pets chipped. Watch the emotional reunion. High-five, humans!