The Overreaction of the Year Award goes to the anonymous subject of this report from about a Wisconsin man who was arrested at his home and charged with disorderly conduct and felony damage to property after police were summoned to his home when he began swinging an ax upon the discovery that his action figures had possibly been damaged.

Seriously, he thought his toys were messed with and he was so upset he caused about $5,000 of damage to his own non-toy possessions...

The husband called 911 on himself after using a log-splitting ax to destroy a TV, TV stand, laptop computer and several items in the house. The man then went outside and smashed the family car, chopped off both side mirrors and then struck the windshield so hard the ax got stuck. He said he drank too much and overreacted after he thought his wife had damaged some of his prized property, which were action figures.

The article doesn’t specify what toys were potentially touched that set off this literal ax spree but if I had to guess it would be this remarkable figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as Hamlet for Last Action Hero. I have this toy, and it is my prized possession. If my children so much as looked at it I would be extremely upset. Probably not go-on-an-ax-spree upset, but I’m honestly not sure. I like that toy a lot.

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