There was a time when the election process seemed certain, secure, and impenetrable.

Welcome to 2020 where it's a new day and a new era, and the confidence of Colorado voters has waned.

While corruption in politics has been around for as long as there have been governments there was a day in our lifetimes when we didn't have to worry about cybersecurity, social media influence, voter fraud, and foreign interference.

With the super Tuesday primary looming where 14 states will be casting votes for the presidential candidate of their choice, Americans are more uncertain than ever that the election process will be untainted.

A recent poll by Critical Start shows that 69% of voting-age adults in Colorado fear that Tuesday's primary election is not secure from a hack or other tech threats. If there was an election hack, 46% believe one of the campaigns would be responsible while 38% believe a foreign government would be to blame.

Half of Colorado voters believe in-person ballots would make them more confident in the accuracy of elections. When some uncounted ballots from last year's election were discovered in Mesa County, it didn't do a lot to instill a lot of confidence in the voting process.

Personally, I remain confident in the voting process in spite of any flaws and vulnerabilities we might have. Do I believe there are outside entities trying to influence our elections? Absolutely. Do I think there are plenty of individuals who would seek to cheat and defraud and create chaos in the process? No doubt about it. But, the red, white, and blue still waves proudly over the most blessed nation on the face of the planet and the right to vote remains one of our most cherished freedoms.

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