What's M. Shadows' favorite Avenged Sevenfold album?

While discussing some of the current happenings in the A7X camp in a new interview with Metal Hammer, the singer revealed that the band's most recent album, The Stage, is his favorite of the seven full lengths thus far. Meanwhile, work continues on what will be the eighth and first since 2018.

Shadows wasn't asked outright which album takes the top spot in his ranking, which shows just how passionate he is about The Stage.

“That’s my favorite record of ours. We were in a moment in time and things were changing. I’m so happy we did it that way; we don’t give a fuck about industry metrics," the frontman confessed when asked about what he learned following the surprise release of the 2018 effort.

It appeared that generating new and fresh ideas to best navigate an ever-changing digital climate in regards to both the music industry and fans' expectations of bands nowadays is just as an exciting component of releasing an album as writing new music can be.

Earlier in the interview, Shadows touched on the concepts of "community-building" and "real world utility," which Avenged Sevenfold have focused on by way of their pioneering NFT club and other digital endeavors.

Now that they've utilized the element of surprise, Avenged will inevitably turn to a different and unique promotional strategy for their next record. In February, Shadows relayed that the new album was "90 percent done" and, as he told Metal Hammer more recently, "This next record, I don’t know exactly how it comes out, but the record after that, we have no label! At that point we start implementing all the new ideas of going straight to the base of people that really care more. The new frontier excites us; expect very wacky ideas!"

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