Have you noticed the low water levels in the Colorado River flowing through Grand Junction?

It seemed odd to me that the parking lot at Las Colonias Park wasn't filled with water enthusiasts over the weekend. The weather's hot, the water is cool - and it's a great place to beat the heat.

Las Colonias River Park Channel Restricted

Upon closer inspection, I realized why there weren't that many people at the park.  The River Park channel that people use to float has been blocked off with sandbags due to the low flows of the Colorado River. The levels have been dropping over the past few weeks because of a reduced run-off.

The sandbags have been placed downstream from the Las Colonias boat ramp and right at the beginning of the channel. The blockage helps divert water during drought conditions and also protects habitats for endangered fish.

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Las Colonias River Park Is Still Open

The water park is still open for use, but the experience is different for those who use the water park channel. Ken Sherbenou, Grand Junction Parks and Recreation director said "You're no longer able to float in an innertube, stand up paddleboard, or kayak. It's more floating in the pools of water than moving with the current of the river."

Despite the low water levels, there were still people enjoying the river over the weekend. Several people were bringing out chairs and blankets to hang out on the beach next to the river, while others were putting their watercraft into the water and floating down the main channel of the river.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Pond Floating At Las Colonias Is Still An Option

Another popular attraction at the park is the big pond where people can take their paddleboards - or rent one- and do some floating on the water. Paddleboard rentals are available nearby. You can't swim in the pond, but floating is allowed.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

It's Just That Time of Year

The development of Las Colonias Park looks fantastic and the area provides plenty of opportunities for recreation with walking and biking trails, the dog park, and fun in the water.  Unfortunately, this is the time of the year when river levels are low and there is a direct impact on some of the recreational activities we are able to enjoy.

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