Mimi's in Loveland on Highway 34 has finally been demolished after being closed for over a year. With that demolition, In-N-Out is finally on its way to Northern Colorado.

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In-N-Out Burger In Loveland, Colorado Is Coming Soon

Yes, the rumors are no longer rumors, as it was finally confirmed that In-N-Out Burger is finally making its way to Northern Colorado. We were first teased with a location in Fort Collins right on College Avenue back in 2020, but those rumors went south fast and those plans are no more. We then were teased about the possibility of a location in the Target shopping center on Highway 34 in Loveland, but those rumors went quiet, until this March when the Loveland In-N-Out location was finally confirmed.

Meanwhile, while we wait for ours to be built.

The Loveland, Colorado In-N-Out Construction Is Finally Happening

The old Mimi's Cafe location has been demolished, and construction has begun at its former site for the new Loveland In-N-Out. It seems to be moving pretty quickly as you can see in the pictures taken just recently.

Where You Can (And Might) Find In-N-Out Burger in Colorado

The In-N-Out Burger craze is taking over Colorado. The restaurant currently has seven locations open in the Centennial State, with more to come. Here's where you can find them.

In-N-Out In Thornton Is Now Open. How Long Are Wait Times?

We went to the new In-N-Out in Thornton. Here's how long our wait time was and how our overall first experience went.

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