Colorado Task Force 1, based out of West Metro Fire in Lakewood, has assisted with the floods of 2013, Hurricane Katrina, and the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Hurricane Ida will be approaching land on Sunday with sustained winds of over 100 mph, hitting the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, as well as Mississippi.

Colorado Task Force 1 has been activated and is sending 45 out of its 200 highly-trained FEMA personnel to the area, with their first priority being to help First Responders who will need relief by the time the task force arrives; then to assist in Alexandria, Louisiana, with 'water and wide-area rescue operations.

The 45 team members are made up of 14 different fire agencies within the Centennial State,

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I know my own, maybe yours as well, heart swelled when I heard about this badass Colorado team of rescuers heading to help fellow Americans.

Early morning for Colorado Task Force 1 as the team packs up to head to the gulf coast and #HurricaneIda. The team will be conducting search and rescue operations. They are headed first to Alexandria, Louisiana.

Thanks, CO-TF1.

[Source: KDVR]

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