Alfred Rosenberg’s diary has been uncovered. The Hitler aide’s diary has been  missing for 67 years. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Justice and Holocaust museum will make the announcement this week about the recovery. The 400-page document went missing right after the Nuremberg Trials and has not been seen since.

It has been long suspected that Robert Kempner, aNurembergprosecutor, smuggled the document back into theU.S.after the trial, and they were right. The 400-pages were recovered from Kempner’s former secretary, who was staying in a home in upstateNew York.Rosenberg’s writings cover the period of 1933 through 1944 and could provide unprecedented insight into the Nazis' meetings, plans and discussions during World War II. How the inter circle reacted to Rudolf Hess’s flight toEnglandin 1941 and could offer new details about meetings with Hitler and other Nazi leaders including Heinrich Himmler and Herman Goering. Alfred Rosenberg was one of 23 Nazi party members put on trail inNurembergafter the war. He was part of the inter circle with Adolf Hitler and it will be interesting to his take. The really cool thing is that the History Channel will produce a two hour special that I will watch.