A few days ago we post on Facebook and asked you, "What's an Everyday Noise That Makes You Cringe"? We expected to hear the usual, fingernails on a chalkboard, but we got so much more than that. Close to 80 people let us know what makes them cringe and lots of people have similar things that make them cringe.

Here is the long list that you helped put together on what makes people cringe here in the Grand Valley.

  • Lisa Mooers - As much as I love my grandbaby its those high pitch screams... It hurts my ears!
  • Linda N Dick Siedschlag - My neighbor's loud pickup that wakes me up every morning between 5:30 and 6:00!
  • Ashley Barker Bronson - Styrofoam!
  • Julie Hager - My dog's high pitched barking.
  • Christina Kruse - The scraping of forks and knives on plates.
  • Joleen Mckinnon - My alarm clock.
  • Amy Armstrong - Eating with your mouth open. Even a little bit. Soooo rude.
  • Shannon Durant - The sound of other people brushing their teeth.
  • Michael McClanahan - Leaf blowers, and people who smack their lips while chewing- a monkey makes less noise while eating.
  • Jane Selfors Head - The alarm clock!
  • Christopher Coffman - My coworkers talking to me!
  • Annette Chidester Tanner - My husband passing gas.
  • Heather Dawn - Any noise before coffee.
  • Georgina Bausch Goff - The noise of a loose belt on a car engine.
  • James Smith - People chewing food loudly I should not be able to hear you chew.
  • Jason Colunga - Too many noises at once.
  • Cydney Charles - People who don’t know how to breathe quietly while eating.
  • Laura Fredrickson - Someone who chews like a hog and then tries to talk with a mouth full of food.
  • Corrie Hudgens - Breathing and eating loudly.
  • Jennifer Keith - Fabric tearing.
  • James Williams - Idk why but computer keyboard typing on tv commercials drives me nuts.
  • Debi Drake - My neighbor's kids thumping bass in his car.
  • Roy Carey - My alarm.
  • Amber Sabisch Latner - Someone clipping their nails.
  • Janet Wilson - Ice scrapers screeching when clearing the Windows.
  • Julie Dawson - Clipping fingernails in the house.
  • Nicholas Pace - I hate exaggerated storytellers. The ones that always have something better.
  • Char Polito- Pino - People chewing.
  • Dejah Thoris Snead - Gum popping.
  • Aaron Robinson - Emery boards on fingernails.
  • Margo Ellen - Loud Gum chewing.
  • Joni Tearman Fraser - Forks or knives scraping plates.
  • Lauralee Clark Patton - People chewing.
  • Nicholas Pace - When shield wipers bouncing on the windshield while driving.
  • Jessica Jean - Chewing.
  • Ruth Thoresen Ward - Slurping coffee.
  • Jeremiah Habecker - Complete strangers talking to me in public.
  • Noel Michel Philippon - Balloons popping.
  • Tricia Hensley - Other people eating.
  • Keith Clemons - Key cutting machine.
  • Julie Ruppert - My coworker typing loudly.
  • Keith Clemons - Fn gum-snapping popping.
  • Paul Maka Poole Derby - Open mouth chewing.
  • Nancy Anne Perkins - Babies screaming.
  • Linda Corporon - Sirens.
  • Lori Dalton - Sniffing up snot.
  • Lisa Olson Trammel - Gums flapping, knowing they lying.
  • Taylor Dunlap - Gum chewers.
  • Eedee Bohbeedee - People talking.
  • John Edwards - Political ads.
  • Michelle Galindo - mom. (kids saying, mom).
  • Noel Michel Philippon - Gum popping.

Is there any other everyday noise that makes you cringe that should be added to the list?

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