Linkin Park are a big enough band that most large avenues of promotion are available to them, but there was a time in their life when they had to hustle just to get people to shows. In August, the band will headline the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles and they decided to test out one of their old school promotional avenues by passing out flyers for the upcoming event.

In a newly created video, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda, guitarist Brad Delson and bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell decided to experiment by coming up with flyers for Hybrid Theory, which was the name of the band prior to Linkin Park and also the title of their debut album, and passing them out to passers-by in hopes of getting them to attend the festival.

Shinoda says, "The idea is not to go out and pretend that we're not Linkin Park. The idea is to go down with flyers and just do what we would have done [in the beginning]."

The three Linkin Park members focused on targeting the Sunset Strip and the campus of UCLA, but they did have a few humorous minor issues along the way. Delson got off to a rough start cutting the four different flyers at the copy shop, they forgot to mention the term "all-ages" so as not to exclude anyone, and eventually the experiment became a competition between Shinoda and Delson.

Linkin Park will headline the Sunset Strip Music Festival Street Fest on Aug. 3. For more details about this year's event, check here.