For over 180 years, guitar enthusiasts have drooled at the thought of owning an instrument crafted by C.F. Martin & Company. Last Wednesday night, Grand Junction residents had the opportunity to turn that drool into a reality when craftsmen and artists from Martin visited the downtown area, accompanied by a wide selection of magnificent Martin guitars.

J.B Hart Music hosted the "Martin Experience," showcasing guitarist/songwriter Corey Congilio, at a clinic on Main Street in Grand Junction.

Waylon Jordan

Several Western Colorado guitar enthusiasts attended, and offered their undivided attention to the clinic featuring the history of Martin guitars, as well as a literal "inside" look at the construction of the famous instruments.

Waylon Jordan

Audience members were treated to a detailed explanation as to the techniques utilized by Martin when developing their new pickups and audio technology. Vintage guitars, as well as vintage microphones, are utilized to develop tone settings incorporated into new models.

If this weren't already cool enough, as a parting gift, attendees also received some very awesome t-shirts and guitar strings, and even coasters made from the sound hole cutaways from Martin guitars.