Denver is considering decriminalizing magic mushrooms.

A group of pro-Psilocybin activists recently gathered at the Denver City building insisting the city "free the spores." They also plan to start gathering signatures to get the decriminalization of magic mushrooms on the ballot this fall.

Decriminalization would be the first step in an effort to legalize their use. The state of Colorado decriminalized weed long before it became legal for medicinal or recreational sale. Colorado was on the forefront of the legal weed movement, the state's capital could lead the way to the decriminalizing of magic mushrooms.

Many feel the same about shrooms as they do weed in that it's "natural." "If God didn't intend for us to use it, then why is it here?" I'm not sure I feel quite the same way but I do believe that shrooms are a much safer alternative to LSD. Any chemical that only takes a drop to get you off for 12 hours can't be good for you.

There are many too that believe shrooms have medical benefits aside from the perma-grin and uncontrollable laughter. Many in the medical field believe they can offer relief from trauma, anxiety, and depression.

There may soon be a day when you can roll up to your favorite dispensary and grab a bag of shrooms to go with your weed. Then you're off to a mountaintop somewhere to "open your mind" and experience the sunset on a whole other level.

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