Time for another Mesa County phone scam. This time around, Western Colorado residents are receiving bogus calls from people claiming to be at the Mesa County Jail. What are they hoping to accomplish?

Have you received a call coming in from an 866 number? Did the person claim to be from the Mesa County Jail? For the record, the Mesa County Detention Facility does not call out from an 866 or 800 number. They simply don't do that.

Western Colorado can't go a week without a phone scam featuring perps claiming to be with the IRS or other government agencies. In these cases, the person on the other end of the phone threatens you with "fines" or imprisonment if you don't pay back taxes or fees.

With this new spin on an old trick, the person may claim you are receiving a collect call from an inmate, and it's your responsibility to provide credit card information in order to process the call.

Would you really fork over big bucks to pay for a collect call? Can you think of any relative you would be willing to pay collect charges for? Your mom, maybe... and that's a BIG maybe.

This latest Mesa County phone scam is a turkey... don't fall for it. According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, if you are contacted by someone wanting payment in the form of a gift card or money order, it is "most likely a scam."