It hasn't snowed much lately and for some reason this year I haven't heard eight million Christmas songs since Halloween so needless to say Christmas snuck up on me a little bit. And judging by the parking lot at every single store in town including Walgreen's, I know that there would probably be a fight and trip to jail waiting for me if I tried to shop now. So, I have found a few things that people will love, not know you bought the day before Christmas, and won't even require you to leave your couch (if you have a computer and WIFI that is). 


  • Five Finger Death Punch

    You could go on Twitter or Facebook and beg with the guys to come do an acoustic show in your living room on Christmas morning, and you'll probably get a giant F-you for Christmas. But that's not what I meant. I meant buy one, or both, of their new albums from this last year "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell" Volumes 1 and 2 on iTunes. (iTunes)

  • Concert Tickets

    Most major ticket outlets have the option to buy tickets online and then print your tickets from home, and if they don't, I wouldn't buy tickets from them! So, Stone Sour and Pop Evil are coming to town soon, and so is In This Moment! I would take your ass under the mistletoe for sure if I opened a package to find a piece of paper you printed the day before Christmas if it got me into one of those shows! (Ticketmaster)

  • Netflix

    There is nothing better when you are bored than scrolling through Netflix to find a movie to watch and falling asleep in the process because you have only heard of two of them. But they do have all of the "Sons of Anarchy" seasons streaming, so that alone makes it worth it. Plus it only costs you a few bucks a month to make sure your gift receiver is never bored. (Netflix)

  • Bacon of the Month Club

    This last year saw the biggest boom in bacon in the history of the world, and I cannot back that up with facts, but I can say that I have never found a soul (including vegetarians) in 2013 who doesn't love bacon. Although kind of pricey ($185 for six months), you could make Christmas last half the year when that special someone gets a new bacon each month delivered right to their door. (Pig Next Door Bacon Club)

  • Porn

    This is brilliant, because not only can you make grandpa's Christmas by getting him a membership to his favorite porn site, but you will have to create the username and password, so you can jump on and use the subscription yourself if you feel like it! Oh, by the way, if grandpa isn't into porn, or you're a prude and too afraid to give this, you can always buy them a subscription to a "normal" site r magazine service.