There's a good chance that you've been hanging out in a park, enjoying the sunshine, when all of a sudden you look over your shoulder and see a group of people dressed like Knights of the Round Table fighting each other with big, foam swords.

No, those people aren't time travelers, they're actually participating in something known as Larping.

What is Larping?

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LARP is actually an acronym for Live Action Role-Playing and has been around since the late 1970s. Larping is essentially a real-life version of a game like Dungeons and Dragons with characters, costumes, and full-blown battles.

Larpers are often, though not always, dressed in Medieval attire, sometimes with padding, and fight opposing teams with weapons fashioned out of foam.

So, how popular is Larping in Colorado? The answer may surprise you.

Larping in Colorado

If you keep scrolling, you'll see a compilation of photos from numerous Larp gatherings from across Colorado, namely Denver, but there are actually quite a few official and unofficial Larps all over the state.

For example, there are at least five official Larps across the state which include Alliance LARP out of Woodland Park, Denver/Boulder IFGS, Dystopia Rising out of Conifer, Front Range Sabbat LARP out of Arvada, and NERO Empire, also out of Conifer.

In addition, there are other "LARP-like" groups such as Amtgard: Empire of the Iron Mountains, Belegarth, Dagorhir, and Renaissance Adventures, all of which have numerous chapters across Colorado.

Now that you know more about Larping in Colorado, check out some Larp action from Denver's Dagorhir chapter:

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