Another local Colorado city's 4th of July celebration is doing away with the traditional fireworks show, in favor of an all-new drone show. Are drones the new fireworks? It actually looks pretty wicked.

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4th of July Fireworks No More. Colorado City To Debut A New Drone Show

Thinking back, I can relate many of my fondest 4th of July memories to watching fireworks. As a kid, we'd watch fireworks all over Colorado. I remember seeing them at Webster Lake in Northglenn, Thornton Town Center, the City of Thornton, the City of Westminster, Downtown Denver, and so many other local city celebrations. The big booms, the bright colors, and yes, the hours and hours of waiting to make sure you had a good spot. While fireworks are fun to watch, they can be dangerous, and pretty costly. One local Colorado city has decided to make a change to its yearly 4th of July tradition.

Lakewood, Colorado 4th of July Fireworks Cancelled

The City of Lakewood is partnering up with Belmar- Downtown Lakewood for its Independence Day celebration on Monday, July 3, which will include live music, multiple kid's activities, local vendors, food, drinks, and so much more. The night will be capped off by a massive celebration in the sky, but this year, it won't be the traditional fireworks show.

A new drone show will replace this year's fireworks display at the 2023 Belmar Bash. The City of Lakewood describes this new drone show as a...

Cutting-edge drone light show. The show, which features a fleet of drones equipped with state-of-the-art LED lights, will feature a mesmerizing display of synchronized drones, creating a breathtaking visual experience that is sure to leave audiences in awe. The drones will perform intricate maneuvers, forming patterns and shapes in the sky while displaying a variety of colors and effects.

Here's a quick video about the Sky Element drone show to help paint a better picture of what to expect in Lakewood this year... It looks pretty cool.

I love fireworks, but this actually seems pretty awesome. The new Lakewood Independence Day Celebration drone show will take place on July 3 at approximately 9:15 pm, and you can vote for your favorite drone display, that you'd like to see light up the sky, HERE, before May 31.

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