O.K. sports fans, we know it sucks when your team is down, the game is in the final stretch, and a key player seems completely distracted. But we like to think there’s one instance in which you can forgive a star player for having his mind on something other than the big game: When he’s trying to score some digits from an unbelievably hot bikini model in the bleachers.

That’s what reportedly happened late in Game 1 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Tigers, when A-Rod tossed baseball to a fine looking lady in the stands with a note that read: “What’s your number?”

The model A-Rod was apparently trying to pick up was Kyna Treacy.

The 27-year-old tossed the ball back to Rodriguez. We’re not sure if she gave him her number, but we are sure of one thing: If we’d been in A-Rod’s shoes, we would have probably done the same thing. Come on, this girl is a bikini model! And she’s also a fashion designer with her own swimwear line. That’s beauty and talent, bros!

Treacy has appeared in an Air Pacific commercial, and she was the spokesmodel for champagne brand Yellowglen, which we hear is a fine gig if you can get it. She’s also appeared in several magazines wearing – you guessed it -- next to nothing.

We're rooting for A-Rod, but hope he knows what he's getting himself into. Dating a bikini model means that she has bikini model friends, which can make it hard to not get in trouble with the ol' ball and chain. We speak from experience.

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