Very soon, Slipknot, Korn and King 810 will embark on one of this year's biggest tours. Beginning Oct. 29 in El Paso, Texas, the three bands begin their takeover of North America, playing some of the land's biggest arenas and amphitheaters. However, when hitting the road, there are some major sacrifices attached.

In a new interview with Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis, the 20-year nu-metal veteran speaks about touring with Slipknot for the first time ever. "We’ve played with Slipknot before, but we’ve never done a tour with them," Davis tells Alternative Press. "We’ve done festivals in Europe and stuff like that. They’re a really good band. I love their whole vibe. Those guys are all f--king crazy–like certifiable crazy. I’m really excited. It’s going to be a cool-ass show. It’s two different worlds, really. We both play heavy music but in different ways, so I think fans are going to get a really cool show."

Though this is a once-in-a-lifetime tour for fans and musicians alike, Jonathan Davis must make the sacrifice of leaving his kids for over a month. "Oh, it’s f--king horrible," Davis says about being away from his children. "They make me feel like s--t! 'Dad, you’ve got to go? You need to stay here and have a job here.' They do all kinds of s--t and I say, 'Boys, I’ve got to go on the road. When you don't have school, you get to come out during the summer.' So that’s our special time. And that was the first tour that I took them the whole summer and I’ll do it again next summer. But yeah, it’s hard when I have to leave."

Davis continues, "I tell everyone that gets into this business: It’s a lot of sacrifice. I tell every musician that wants to be a big rock star to be careful what you wish for. When you’re young, it’s amazing and fun, but once you have kids and a family it’s tough. Nobody likes watching their kids f--king cry, knowing you’re not going to see them for a month. That just f--king sucks."

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