Korn called on their fans for the 'Hater' video and they got some pretty powerful and moving responses back. The clip is meant as a statement on bullying, and while at times it may not be for the squeamish, it definitely makes an impact.

The 'Hater' video was directed by Yarvo Productions and features a mixture of Korn fan testimonials on being bullied along with a conceptual look at the effects as some of the models in the clip graphically cut themselves, are doused in blood or are simply left to writhe in a blood-filled bath.

"Almost everyone has felt bullied, pressured and beat down in their life by their haters. This video helps give a public voice to some of the challenges real people have faced and reminds us all that self-harm and suicide are not the answer," explained frontman Jonathan Davis.

While the clip features some wincingly honest and painful moments early on, but toward the end one of the women who submitted footage showed the empowerment she felt by thanking the bullies for making her the "badass chick" that she is. The video concludes with this statement from Korn: "Self harm or suicide is never the answer. Don't let the haters win."

The clip follows the recent live video the band issued for 'Hater,' which can be seen at this location. 'Hater' is featured on Korn's 'The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition,' which is available exclusively via Best Buy outlets and also online via iTunes.

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