On average, about 182,000 passengers go through Los Angeles Airport (LAX) each day, and that's not even counting those who drop off or pick up their loved ones. A LOT of feet touch that LAX floor on a daily basis, but KISS' Gene Simmons isn't intimidated by dirt or germs, as documented in the above video.

LAX is one of the favorite hangouts of the paparazzi, so when Gene Simmons found himself in front of their cameras, he chose to put on a show. Simmons was eating a burger when cameras were rolling. After answering a question about his LAX Rock & Brews restaurant, Simmons made the reporters laugh when he said, "Oh my god, Beyoncé!" to a young female LAX employee.

After Simmons' smooth encounter, the KISS legend accidentally dropped a piece of his burger onto the floor. Without the slightest hesitation, Simmons bent down, picked that bad boy up and popped it right in his mouth. Simmons cited the five-second rule, while a cameramen argued the law's merit in a place like LAX.

TMZ turned off the embed option on this video, but you can click the red button below to watch it all go down -- literally!!

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