Metallica's biggest song is "Enter Sandman," but in an interview with Gibson Icons (seen below), guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed that he never expected the song to be a hit. In fact, his projections for the popularity of the track ended up being quite costly as he lost his Porsche in a bet with the band's tour manager.

"'Enter Sandman' never struck me as being a hit song," said Hammett. "None of those songs [from the Black Album] ever struck me as being hit songs. They struck me as being just really good, concise songs with great periods of heaviness and great periods of melody. And when the album just started selling the way it did, I could not believe it."

The guitarist continued, "I even had a bet with our tour manager. He said, ‘It’s gonna sell six million by this date.’ And I was, like, ‘I’ll give you my Porsche 911 Carrera if that happens.’ And guess what? It happened. And guess what? I had to give him my Porsche 911 Carrera."

Within the chat, Hammett lays much of the praise for the song and the black album's success with producer Bob Rock, who convinced the band to record in the same room together. Once hearing everything back, Hammett could see (and hear) the difference made.

“The first time I heard it on the radio, I was blown away by how good it sounded. ‘Cause [1988’s] ‘One’ sounded pretty good on the radio, it sounded pretty good on MTV, even though it was compressed as shit, but there was something about the Black Album and all the tracks that just made it leap out of the radio," said Hammett, adding, "Maybe it’s ’cause there’s so much presence in the drums – the drums are so crisp. I don’t know. But every track that’s played on the radio just leaps out of the radio. There’s just so much presence. To me, that’s the thing that I keep on going back to – how good it sounds when I hear it on the radio."

"Enter Sandman" was the lead single off 1991's self-titled black album. Though it only hit No. 10 on the Mainstream Rock chart, the song did crossover to the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at No. 16. The Wayne Isham-directed video was also named as MTV's Best Hard Rock Video in 1992.

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