King's X singer-bassist dUg Pinnick, Dokken / Lynch Mob guitar great George Lynch and Korn drummer Ray Luzier have found some common musical ground with their new project KXM. The trio have united to record a new album, and the self-titled disc is on schedule for a March 11 release through Rat Pak Records.

The band recently completed the disc with producer Chris Collier, whose credits include albums for Lynch Mob, Lita Ford and Tommy Bolin, among others. The group has chosen 'Rescue Me' as the lead single, and tracks like 'Gun Fight,' 'Faith Is a Room' and the ballad 'Never Stop' are among the songs being singled out as future standouts.

In a trailer for the album, seen below, the three musicians reveal their longtime mutual respect for each other that led to the project. Luzier says, "This was one of those things where it came together and we were excited to write the next song and get together the next time and we couldn't wait to see what was going to happen." Lynch adds, "I've always wanted to do this -- play with guys who have compelling ideas. It's better when we all contribute and then we just have this interesting chemistry which is different than what I normally do. That's why this record when I listen to it is so special to me." Interested viewers can also see the song 'Gun Fight' coming together in the studio.

KXM have just launched a pre-order for the album, and it's available in a variety of bundle options. Check this location to see how you can pre-order the disc and possibly add autographed items or a call from a band member to your purchase.

Watch KXM's Self-Titled Album Preview

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