Kids really do say the craziest things because they have no filter and just say whatever comes to mind. These are the craziest things you've ever heard a kid say.

On Bob & Sheri they were talking about some crazy things people have heard kids say like this one:

A kid was taking a sip out of an apple juice box and they said: "ahhhh, ice cold alcohol." Yikes.

We asked you 'what's the craziest thing you've heard a kid say?' on our Facebook and this is the craziness you've heard.

No Privacy Found

Despite not finding her any privacy, this kiddo loves their grandma.

Too Slow to Catch Me

Ouch, little brother. We don't know where that came from, but ouch.

You Suck

This is just hilarious. It's kind of mean, but mostly funny.

Is That The Moon?

Close buddy, but not quite.

Here are some crazy things you've overheard a kid say, brace yourself:

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