The Kids React YouTube series has become a quick favorite of ours at Loudwire. Seeing the next generation of potential rockers discover some of rock and metal's greatest acts has simply been a joy to see as most have found favor with what they've heard, whether it's their first time hearing the band or gleefully putting a name to songs they're already familiar with.

In this edition, a group of youngsters are given a pair of headphones and react to AC/DC songs like "T.N.T.," "Highway to Hell," "Thunderstruck," "Hell's Bells" and so many more. When learning what band they'll be listening to, the long-haired 12-year-old Jackson confidently said, "Okay, everyone knows who AC/DC is."

For the most part, these kids recognized what was being played, be it an iconic guitar riff or immortal chorus and hook. Sydney (9-years-old) perked up when she heard "T.N.T.," emphatically singing along to the song's iconic refrain. When it's time for "Highway to Hell" one kid says Bon Scott is just "yelling" while another holds the opposite opinion, praising him as a great singer.

After listening to a handful of rock's all-time greatest songs, the kids were then shown a picture of guitarist Angus Young in his signature shoolboy outfit, which naturally gained a litany of peculiar reactions. Sydney recognized Young's signature uniform, but not from AC/DC lore. Instead, she connected the dots, recognizing that Jack Black wore the same thing in the School of Rock movie.

After being informed that the band formed in 1973 and are still active, the kids were completely blown away as some even wondered how the members were still alive at such an old age, as one estimated the band's members to be around 80 years old.

In a previous edition, a group of kids reacted to hearing Guns N' Roses and we can't help but wonder what they would have said when learning that Axl Rose had been fronting the group as of late!

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