"Walk" may be the most intimidating Pantera song to cover, as is the case with so many other all-time metal classics. But that didn't deter the kids at the O'Keefe Music Foundation who are back, tackling another track from the legendary Texas four-piece.

Fronting the group is the unassuming 9-year-old Colt Sheddin, who, in the video below, transformed from innocent kid to an unchained frontman as he eventually made his way to the bar top after guitarist Aidan Fisher (age 16) finished his solo. Standing above the bar crowd at Westy's Pub in Cincinnati, Ohio, he commanded a sea of raised fists, who shouted the chorus out in unison.

Rounding out the band were Jonas Miller on bass (age 15) and Justin Laroche on drums (age 15), who were in lockstep as a veritable rhythm section.

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering professional services for aspiring young musicians. They're the same people who brought you kids crushing Pantera's "Drag the Waters" and a ferocious take on Slipknot's "The Devil in I."

Kids Cover Pantera's "Walk"

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