With winter around the corner, a lot of people are gearing up to hit the slopes with their skis and/or boards, but Keystone has something a little different; the longest snow tubing run in the state.

Adventure Point, as the resort calls it, is a very unique experience and very few places other than Colorado would be able to have something like this. Instead of a chairlift, the tubing run has a moving sidewalk that carries visitors and their tubes to the top of the hill. It's also enclosed, giving a sort of sci-fi feel. Plus, it offers a little break to riders if the weather is nasty.

The tubing run is also fairly inexpensive. It's difficult to get a hold of a ski pass for under $50, in fact, Vail lift tickets are around $160. However, you can enjoy a day at Adventure Point for as little as $30.

In addition, the resort offers summer snow tubing at only $39, and conveniently offers tube rentals to those, and I'm assuming there are a lot, patrons that don't own their own tube.

As a kid growing up in Eagle, there was never a shortage of great sledding, but a lot of times the hills would be crowded, or even worse, dangerous. In fact, a popular hill in the town that was particularly dangerous ended up throwing the rider into the middle of a street, albeit not a very busy street but it was nonetheless very scary and not very smart.

Adventure Point, on the contrary, looks much safer than hills I used to ride down growing up and is much more affordable than a typical lift ticket. Plus, Keystone is almost a "hidden gem" when it comes to Colorado ski resorts, much more of a locals' mountain than say, Vail, Aspen or Breckenridge.

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