Kelly Clarkson is known for her strong pipes. So it makes sense that Foo Fighters' classic "Times Like These" — a rockin' vocal powerhouse — would be a tune she'd cover. And she did just that on Wednesday's episode of her namesake daytime variety show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Presumably performed in synergistic honor of the Foo Fighters' new album, released earlier this month, Clarkson belted the One by One hit as part of her program's entertaining "Kellyoke" segment. That's the section of the show where Clarkson puts her unique spin on others' songs.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

These days, Clarkson's more known for her country-pop leanings and TV hosting duties than rock music. Still, as longtime listeners likely remember, the first season American Idol winner emerged from that show as more of a pop-rock artist before she branched off into different styles.

But no matter what she's singing, it'd be remiss to say that Clarkson doesn't nail it when she tries. That's probably why her "Times Like These" take, backed by a band that plays it similar to the original Foo Fighters track, sounds pretty effortless — she inhabits the song in spades.

After all, Clarkson's had plenty of practice covering fellow performers. Although, again, it mostly leans country. In the past, she's used The Kelly Clarkson Show's "Kellyoke" spot to reel off cover versions of Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Deana Carter, Billy Currington, the Chicks and more.

Foo Fighters themselves have been playing "Times Like These" quite a bit lately, albeit in a retooled version that starts off softly before rocking out. The group performed this rendition on SNL late last year and again during a January TV special celebrating President Joe Biden's inauguration.

Medicine at Midnight, the Foos' 10th studio album, is out now. Its Feb. 5 release was preceded by the singles "Waiting on War," "No Son of Mine" and "Shame Shame." On Feb. 10, the band was included among the 2021 nominees for potential induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kelly Clarkson Covers Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" - Feb. 17, 2021

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