Colorado State Trooper Lewis is a superfan of Kelly Clarkson. He has referenced Kelly Clarkson in his video about not using hands-free calling while driving. Trooper Lewis said to not use your phone while driving:

Even if it's Kelly Clarkson on the line.

Kelly Clarkson announced her free show on June 2 in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy, and that's when the superfan kicked in.

Colorado State Patrol will trade you one free 'get out of jail' card for a backstage pass to Kelly Clarkson's show in Colorado Springs. Also, CSP wants to let you know, this trade is not an actual thing. The only time you can actually use those 'get of jail' cards, is in Monopoly.

But it looks like Kelly Clarkson is all for hooking Trooper Lewis up with a backstage pass. On Twitter, she says that Trooper Lewis definitely deserves one. Colorado State Patrol, if Trooper Lewis actually gets that backstage pass, can I escort him?

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